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Take advantage of our trained PBIS Coaches. Give your staff the support they need to be their best by providing them with a dedicated coach to guide and empower them.

Why Coaching?

Great Listeners

Our coaches will take the time to listen to your staff and their challenges regarding PBIS. Helping them to identify areas of growth and strategies to overcome any problem that may arise.

Project Oriented

Our coaches will utilize the GROW method of coaching to help your staff through their PBIS initiatives. Getting started is hard, and our coaches can help staff navigate the rough patches to a successful outcome.

Content Experts

Our coaches have gone through a rigorous training process which includes up to 25 hours in PBIS trainings and 16 hours of coaching training.

Unbiased Counsel

Our coaches are compassionate and empathetic, but very honest. They will provide unbiased helpful counsel to move programs from good to great!

PBIS Coaches

Sometimes your team just doesn’t understand how to take what they learned in the training, and integrate it sucessfully into their program.  For that they may need assistance. 

Now you have access to our PBIS coaching staff, who can sit down virtually in one on one conversations with your site coordinators and help to guide them to success.

Contact our coaches to schedule some 1 on 1 coaching sessions.  We will help you go from good to GREAT!

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Stanislau Union

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Coach 2

Patterson USD

About Our Coaches

All of our coaches have received extensive training through our partnership with Afterschool Guru. In adddition to being active site coordinators and adminstrators who are currently managing or running afterschool programs with PBIS integrations, they also receive up to 8 hours of professional development in how to coach in an Expanded Learning environment.

These coaches are tasked with facilitating dialogue that inspires action to develop quality programs.